The Science of Taste and Flavour

We have been touring food festivals across East Anglia investigating the science of taste and flavour with experiments involving skittles, coriander and blue food dye. Intrigued?
It has been so great to meet with so many of you so far! We are here at the @ProudlyNorfolk Norwich Food and Drink Festival at The Forum all afternoon - come and say hello! Lots of interactive experiments to help us understand all about taste and flavour 🍌🍚🍛 — BritSciNorwich (@BritSciNorwich) June 17, 2018
Visitors to the 'Norwich Food and Drink Festival' and 'Wymondham Veggie Fest' were able to participate in several interactive activities, the first of which illustrated the difference between taste and flavour. These two words are often used interchangeably, i.e. ‘you can taste the beef in these BBQ flavoured crisps,’ but there is an important difference.
Participants were offered a Skittle and asked to describe what they could taste whilst holding the…

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